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Default Re: smashing my cameo ;(

Originally Posted by trg2577 View Post
Finally got oit of rhe box and have spent hours teying to cut a castle and my daughters name
What am i doing wrong PlEase help
The machine cut setting needs to be correct for the material you are using. Unless you are using silhouette products which are in the menu for settings then you will have to play with them. I have found that as the blade dulls, i have to increase the settings as well. So, you have to learn how to use the test cut effectively. Start with a lower blade number and increase the thickness bit by bit. (start with settings for the most similar silhouette product). If increasing thickness does not work, then go up on the blade. Its a matter of finding the right combo of blade depth and thickness (and when you find it - write it down! with a note on the condition of the blade - new, used 1 week/2 weeks/etc)
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