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Default Re: Schools and Team Bows

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, it can be a very competitive business and UGLY!
Oh, and I totally get what you mean about keeping it small and staying out of the drama.

I like school bows - it's pretty drama free

I'm not out there to make it a big business or become some big online seller to teams all over the US or anything.
I just want to do some school bows and be a helpful parent - plus make some extra cash for cheer camp and new uniforms. It all goes right back to the school. I'd love to have a bit extra for Christmas though, I'm going to need it this year I bet!

I just want my schools back and no one else even gets into schools around here, they just make bows for the all star gyms to fund their children's competition fees. I miss all stars sometimes, but I can't afford it with two new babies.

I know I could swing getting the Silhouette if I got at least three teams back, I'd make up the cost after - but the vinyl and all - I'm imagining that you can only buy it in bulk? so I'm sure that is a big expense right there.
I haven't even looked into it yet honestly.

The team who wants bows this year wants a rhinestone Mickey head on them.. and of course, my t-shirt girl is closing and isn't doing bling anymore so I'm out for rhinestone work as well.

ahhhhh - tough decision... plus telling my husband that I want to get a new machine (after I already wanted an embroidery machine.. LOL) HE is going to think I'm nuts!

Thanks again for replying - it's nap time.. I'm SO in need of adult conversation (I just spend an hour watching videos of the Silhouette Cameo tutorials)

Bow making is also a sanity keeper! I need something to do for me.
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