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Default Schools and Team Bows

Hey Cheer Ladies, & Cheer Mommas!

I have not posted here, I've lurked for a few YEARS (years?) but I'm finally coming out to ask a question.

Well, for the past 7 years I have made cheer bows for 5 local schools. I have taken more then a full year off recently because I was pregnant with twins, went on bedrest and had a long recovery back. Now things are of course, crazy around here, but I'm missing my hobby!

My little guys are now 8 months old and I wanted to get back into making some bows for Football season only to find out.... that 4 of the schools who were using me for bows have now ordered from Campus Team Wear...

$5.97 for a bow that I was charging $12 dollars for.

I have been asked by ONE school to make their team bows, competition bows and a Disney Bow for their school trip.

These bows take time and I really enjoyed making them, but now I see schools can get insanely cheap bows online and I'm a little sad. (ok a LOT sad)

My question is, while I have always made more "typical school bows" with just a few rhinestones placed by hand and sequin dots, do you think I could get business back if I went full fledged into doing custom designs, rhinestone bling, buying a silhouette cameo, vinyl designs and all that.... is it worth it just for schools?

I am scared to invest in case these places still don't want bows, even though I could customize them for the teams and competition teams at the schools.

I know the girls would LOVE them, but I think the parents like these cheaper bow options.

I feel like I lost out big time pulling away while I was pregnant.

My oldest daughter's senior year is coming up and I really wanted something special for her last year cheering, as well as just being part of the whole community of cheer and our school systems. I still have a 10 year old daughter who hopefully will eventually cheer as well...

Even our small time All Star gym in this area used CTW this year for bows! I about died right there when I saw them
Last season I had an $900.00 order from them....

OK, sorry to whine - I'm just at a turning point here. Buy all the stuff and get back to making bows and rock it out - or just go back to boutique bows for kids...

I'm feeling old and out of the loop now with all the cool stuff people do to bows these days.

what do you ladies think?
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