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Default Re: designing ribbon to send in to the supplier

Im actually wanting to know what I need to do to design the ribbon using paint or gimp, ie: how to input pics, does the design need to be 1in like the ribbon will be or does the design need to be scaled down to 1in width.

The price was right, everything went smoothly until the supplier posted the pictures on his website. Im not in no way complaining that others can buy this ribbon from the supplier. As I know you either have to buy a certain amount of ribbon or pay the supplier to not reprint it. My problem was at first she gave me credit for the ribbon and told everyone they would have to order from me. The day after the ribbon was printed (I still havent gotten mine, it was ordered yesterday) One of her friends had commented under the pic that she wanted the ribbon, I commented back saying it had to be ordered from me not the "friend". She said No Im getting it from her, she can explain it! I went to this persons page and she had the pictures posted and commented Look at the new ribbon Im getting in! The "friend" many hours later got back with me saying "oh Im going to buy 8yds from you at cost and give them to her to make my DD bows" She didnt bother to ask if I had sold all in pre-sale. I just think its kind of shady the way she handled it all. Not only that but she wants this ribbon at cost, but when I helped her close out her buy in ribbon shes charging me what shes charging everyone else. Id rather just not deal with her on a personal level any longer.
Sorry thats so long. Its a little hard to explain in a few words.
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