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Default Re: really cute duct tape heart or flower...

[QUOTE=5girls;1325378]Thanks for the link. I am sure my daughters would have a blast making these..... now, if I can only find cheaper duct tape.
speaking of duct tape, when my son was 15 he had a bone disease and had to have several surgeries. He was on crutches for 2 1/2 years and became very bored with the plain silver coloring.....he duct taped his crutches in camo colors. He had mny compliments on those things.

Wow, 2 1/2yrs with crutches, God Bless him!! Glad he was able to decorate the crutches at least! Hope he is all better now!!!

Originally Posted by HokieMum View Post
I have used my 40% off coupon for duct tape (seems like the "duck" brand has the most colors!) at Michael's and Hobby Lobby. It ends up being about $3/roll.

These flowers look like a lot of fun. Think I will use this during summer break for a quiet craft to keep my girls busy while my little one naps!
I Just picked some up at Michaels with a 40% off coupon. They had tons of prints & 2 of the new pastel colors. They had them in 3 different places though, so I'm glad I asked where they were!!

I also found some prints at Walmart. They were $3.36 a roll, so alot cheaper than the normal price at Michaels, but they only had 1 that I was looking for. Michaels had more of a selection.

Originally Posted by mabear74 View Post
Just a heads up to everyone....I have noticed with the pattern duct tape that it doesn't hold quite as well as the plain/colored duct tape. When I do my final row on the bottom of the flower I add a few drops of hot glue to secure it in place......
Thanks for the head's up on that!!! Will be extra careful with prints.

Originally Posted by ArmyWife141810 View Post
Here's a tut that I found for the heart I hope it helps you!
That is AWESOME!! I think I could make the heart shape now!! Thanks!!! I found a couple other videos on making swirled duct tape flowers, and was able to get a good idea on how to place the colors for different swirled effects.

Couldn't find one with the rolled petals. But it looks like you just roll them like you do the first one for the center, then maybe you use a skinny piece of tape to wrap around them a few at a time? Idk..
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