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Default Re: really cute duct tape heart or flower...

Originally Posted by mabear74 View Post
I used a free tut for the flower........It's pretty much the same flower used on pens. I'll see if I can find it later.....Duct tape flower pens sell pretty well for me. I don't make a ton though because I really HATE cutting the littler pieces and folding them. Really time consuming.

I'd love to look at the free tut you have if you can find it! Thx!!! I thought they might be really time consuming... But I have a rotary cutter and ruler thingy that my mom gave me (she quilts and has a stash of that kind of stuff, lol) At least it will help with the cutting part.

Check this out: What a clever idea!! I may have to pick some up when they go on sale at Staples again. I bet it would be cool to make coordinating sets with regular markers or even different colored regular pens too! And an "upcycled" can or something covered in duct tape to be the holder. Maybe selling the whole set like that would make it more worth the time. (I really have no idea though, I don't sell anything, I just love to learn how to make things and am always looking for cool and unique gift ideas. )

I've been trying to find the new pastel duct tape locally but without much luck. Tapebrothers .com has good prices, especially the more you buy, but their shipping is a little high. Altho, with gas prices these days, it may be worth it to do that instead of driving around different places! :-/
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