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Default Can you stand one more "help me with my twisteds"? I have pictures to critique!

Quick disclaimer: I am not a bow newbie! My daughter is 4 and has never left the house without a bow once she got hair! LOL But my twisteds.... SHUDDER!! I have practiced and practiced! By hand, by NBNG and by Brilliant Bowmaker. I. Cannot. Make. Twisteds.
No matter how I make them, my twisted hairbows are so... I donít know. Floppy is one way of describing them. I also call them "overly pronounced" if that make sense. My loops stand up too much, too upright. The bows shown by the people who sell the templates are nice and loopy, but sort of lay flat.
Iíve read that STARCH STARCH STARCH is the answer. But I see these same bows in boutiques and they are not starched to death. Plus, if they look bad to begin with, the starch is just going to seal their awfulness!
The look GREAT while I am folding them. They just like the pictures! So I am guessing my issue is with the sewing part. I sew in even stitches, overlapping the edges. I use a Sallyís hair clip to hold in place. (The NBNG ones seem to start flopping before I even sew. So that may be some other problem I am doing. The SEEM to have a perfect X. I use the little glue on the back method.)

Here is a collage of images. It is large so I am not sure how it will show up. I can post smaller images if it does not post well. If it will help, I can photograph my stages while making a bow. Maybe someone will see something there. (The bows I made for this picture are unfinished so you can see the detail.)
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