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Default Re: Attaching frayed chiffon flower to shirt?

Originally Posted by SunflowerGirl View Post
I hand stitched mine on....I don't trust glue for clothes that may be washed.
I LOVE, LOVE your Belle Dress! WOW!!! Amazing!

Originally Posted by mabear74 View Post
I don't actually attach mine to the fabric, I put them on pinbacks so I can remove them when it gets washed.
This is what I would do to, hot glue to round piece of felt, then glued on to pin backs, take off when washing.
BUT... hand sewing them on to clothes is not too bad. My grand daughter gets her's so dirty, they still have to be washed! LOL

Originally Posted by bethsmommy View Post
What are pinbacks and where can I find them?? I have been looking for something other than sewing flowers on.
They are kinda of like a safety pin, but have a flat piece on the bottom, to glue on to products. I don't know where to get them, probably any craft store, but I would suggest to google it.
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