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Default Re: Kumihimo headband

I'm not sure where to look for a tutorial for a kumihimo headband, other than maybe the websites that sell the cord you'd use for it. But if you are talking about a flat braid, I'd think that you could make the braid and maybe incorporate a pony-o that is connected at each end so it would have some stretch. Either that, or maybe you could attach a ribbon at each end and tie the headband. Not sure how you would finish the ends, but maybe you could fold it back up on itself and glue or sew it, then add a piece of ribbon or something around perpendicular to that so it holds better. You might be able to do it similar to how they braid leather and make headbands too. If you put it on a thick plastic headband, it would probably be very similar to how they attach multistrand braided ribbon to them. I think there is a youtube tutorial, maybe called a watermelon weave? I can't remember. Anyway, good luck! I bet they will be pretty!!

Just a few ideas. Hope some of them help.
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