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Default Re: Spandex Fabric for cheer bows

Originally Posted by Cheerstones View Post
Hey Ladies, I called and double checked that the fabric is still available at the sales cost. I have completed updating my website, so please feel free to go on and place your orders. Please remember that we are each doing a minimum of 2.5 yards each color.....there is no maximum.
I would like to place the order by Friday, so please move quickly. So far it is a total of 6 people (including myself) that are interested, five for sure, so the minimum of 2.5 yards will get us to the 10 yard minimum.
My website is, got to the Store, select supplies and all 10 colors are listed there at $4.00 each. this is the direct link to the actual page (http://hstrial-shaynestuart.intuitwe...RRAL=SBPUBLISH) Please remember that the site will automatically charge shipping. I will cover the shipping to my location then ship it out to everyone as soon as it gets in.
If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call (609) 306-6161.
Thanks all.
I'm only seeing 9 colors listed? Is there one missing, or did they sell out?
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