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Default Re: Baby Hairclip question

Oh... I don't know about best place... I am just a hobbysist and have been making bows & clips for less than a year, but this is where I got mine:

this seller:

this listing, I have most of these sizes; the 32 mm = 1.25 inches and is a good size for little clippies for babies, IMO:

The cost is $2 for 25 of them, plus $2.45 for shipping. I have ordered twice and ordered about 100-150 clips total each time. A couple in each of these two orders arrived bent, but the seller had thrown in extras so I think I actually still rec'd more perfect clips than I paid for. She also responds super fast to email questions, and I THINK she can do custom mixes (like if you wanted counts/combos other than what's listed on ebay). Hope this helps!
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