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Default ideas for 3.5 year old

I'm in the hot humid south, so our hair stays up all spring through fall (except this weirdo month is oddly cold), but my 3.5 year old has discovered that the girls at MOPS and church wear bows all the time, so now she wants to (she's always been anti anything in her hair). She has SPD and cannot stand to have her hair done, so I either french/dutch braid it and wash it every other day, or put it in a pony tail if she's having a particularly anti-touch day.

Anyone have any tips on what size to make her bows? I'm afraid the weight of the larger bows will bother her, and she has really fine hair and plays wee-ball (tee ball for 3-4 year olds) and pee-wee soccer so she's constantly moving...for those I will put them on small pony-o's, but for everyday/school wear I don't know what to put the clips on--she has blonde, baby fine, very thin hair.

she has one in her hair currently that's on a tiny french clip, it's about 3.5-5in wide and made from 7/8" (I think) ribbon...she likes it because it has a red leaf button in the middle of it, which she calls a "pretty"

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