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Default Re: Bottle caps with images and polymer clay

Thanks Ladies!! I have always used modge podge to glue my images on the BC's and to seal the top before pouring the resin on, or when I use epoxy stickers I put them on right before the glue dries completely. BTW I hate the epoxy stickers! Some swear by them I just swear at them! Even with using modge podge on top of image they still lift after a week or so. I had a costumer send one back after 4 days because the epoxy lifted. Anyways I believe I read on a old thread here to use modge podge for bottle caps. I did go back and look at the picture on FB group. She used images that didnt have alot towards the outside (near the cap),. As you can see in my Swamp People "Its a Tree shaker" you cant see the letters and the alligator for the poly clay.
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