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Default Re: Bottle caps with images and polymer clay

Originally Posted by MelTx View Post
I had some bottle caps that the resin didnt harden so I was trying to take the image out and had a few that the images wouldnt budge.The resin lifted off but the image itself would not lift. I decided to try them out with the clay.I havent put resin on these. I just brushed on the poly clay glaze over the poly clay and image. So its not completely finished yet. I was hoping there wouldnt be a fire in my oven or smoke, but nothing happened so baking bottle caps with modge podge on the images is ok and the color on the caps is fine. Ill try to upload a pic. My pic isnt great, Ive never been able to take good pics.
It's cute and it looks like it came out okay. I love experiments that work out like that!
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