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Default Re: Cheap 3" grosgrain ribbon?

Originally Posted by yellaribbon View Post
Thanks for mentioning them. I thought I had done my homework, but apparently I missed this site. We have lowered prices on our 3 inch grosgrain to be competitive. Pricing is as follows:

20 yard spool: $15.58
50 yard spool: $29.06

You might notice that everything else on their site is higher than ours already.

Of course the price per spool is lower if you purchase SmartPacks.

Maybe some of you can help me out. I was thinking of doing a club sort of deal where if you pay like $29.95 per year you get 10% off solid grosgrains or every order. I don't know. Would you be more interested in something like that or just in prices being lower so you save anyway? I hope I get some feedback. I'm interested to know what customers want. Thanks!
I personally don't like the club format where you pay for a discount, and it would save me $$ since I buy thousands of yards per year. My issue is that often one vendor is out of stock of a color or width so I have to buy for elsewhere, and then my club savings is wasted anyway. I would much rather have lower prices consistently. Just my $.02
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