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Default Re: Need help please! How can I make this??

Labor intensive, but pretty! Look at the pix of the back of the hairpiece. Each bit of applique and the loopy trim has a whi wire glued to it. Then the pearls are twisted onto a silver wire [probably the "diamonds" too, but I'd wait on the diamonds til the very end]. When you have a kabillion little pieces ready, start laying them out the way you want them to look. Start bunching a few at a time and wrap with white shiny floss type thread. Keep adding to it to get the width/length you want. After that part is all done, then I'd randomly glue on swarovski [diamonds]. Finally glue it to a hair comb or some other type of hair fastener she wants....and it's done.

I would suggest the wire part be longer than's easier to cut them, than to have them to short to bunch up....
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