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Default Re: dying cheesecloth HELP!

I am probably not much help because I use procion dyes, not RIT. But a guess would be that either their dye lot is off, it isn't mixed up in its package really well, or maybe there is some kind of sizing on the cheesecloth that it causing the reaction. When I tie dye, I pre-wash everything, but I use a textile detergent so that it removes sizing etc. I get mine from I buy their brand of textile detergent instead of the synthrapol bcuz it's not as nasty. Still doesn't smell nice, but it is great to get rid of anything that might be on the fabric. I buy my procion dyes from them too. You can dye a lot of fabric with their 2oz containers. I don't know how much RIT is, but in the long run, I'd bet procion dyes are cheaper. I think cheesecloth is made from cotton, so you'd need to soak it in soda ash before you dye it (soda ash raises the pH of the fabric and allows it to accept the dye) Anyway, not sure if this helps or not with your question, but it gives you another option maybe.
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