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Default mini bowdabra Interactive hair bow making CD

dear girls...
i have a very very bad thing to confess, i think i have lost my Mini bowdabra Interactive hair bow making CD... i bought the tool from AMAZON and (you-khow-who-in-post office) custom checked my package, before it was sent to my home. the person WHO checked the package literally opened up the WHOLE package and repackage it back again before sending that to me.

i was very very very furious because the person opened all up to the instruction plastic bag and something was missing: THE CD... i am having lots of trouble in making bow using mini bowdabra esp the boutique bow technique because when i looked up on internet, they asked me to refer to INTERACTIVE HAIR MAKING CD which i dont have anymore.
i wonder if you could be possibly kind hearted pity on me shared the contain of the CD

here is my google email: [email protected]

it is a regulation for post office to 'check' your package to avoid receiving illegal thing from overseas or to know if your package need extra import fee (custom fee to pay).. that's my country

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