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Default Re: Ask me anything...

There are a lot of reasons I made the decision to stop making bows. I guess the main one is that there are so many people doing it now and charging a lot less than I can I feel like I can't compete any longer. Customers don't seem to value quality any more. They want the least expensive bow no matter what. For several years I could market based on quality and you get what you pay for. It doesn't seem to matter much anymore.

Don't get me wrong. We had a great year last year. Sales were up from the year before. I think the TV show Cheer helped sales a lot. But I do think I can usually see the wave of the future. I feel like I rode this wave as far as it was going to carry me before I started going downhill. So it's time to jump on another wave! That's pretty much how I see business anyway. Always have. I have owned a cheer gym, a cake business, a ribbon business before Yella, a cheer bow business, and now Ribbon Smart.

I do v cuts with a web cutter. You can purchase them from NovaTech. The guy's name is Mike Flint. He is in Burlington NC. I think he has a web site. I had three but I sold two. And I will be keeping one just in case I need to make a bow.

Thanks for your question. It's nice to be able to tell my own story instead of having others guess.

Oh the youtube videos. I'm not "messing with other bow companies". I saw that somewhere. I'm making money monetizing videos that people will watch. And if I'm selling to people who make bows, why wouldn't I teach them what I know?
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