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Default Re: Paracord Bracelet Charms?

Just wanted to post an update. I have made several bracelets with the charms and love them. They are so cute with the charms on them. I have done some superhero ones, a peace sign one and a hello kitty one.

I do have to say that I am not loving the stickers. Some are sticking great, some are not. I think it is because the charms are slightly curved inside and it puts a lot of stress on the sticker to stay flat. 2 that I made pulled up on one edge and had to be glued down to stay.

I have tried resin and am getting better results. I think that resin is a better way to go for those who are considering making these. I used ET lite and Diamond glaze and got good results with both. You need such a little amount I hate to mix up the ET lite unless I need to do a whole batch, which is why I tried the diamond glaze.
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