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Default Re: Ask me anything...

Originally Posted by yellaribbon View Post
Hey y'all. It's Nancy from Yella Ribbon. I see there are a couple threads about my decision to retire from making cheer bows. I have been a member here for a while but never make it over to look. I was searching ribbon smart on google and came upon a thread tonight.

If you have questions for me about why I made the move or about how to make bows (or about anything really) I would be happy to answer them. I think I get notifications. I will try to set it up so that I do. I will check back. It's late here. Been working on the web site all day. I'm tired.

The yellaribbon site is still showing up. I'm trying to figure out how to take that out. If anyone can offer any instruction I would appreciate it.
If you go to where you registered your website (whatever company you used to register your url) you can have it automatically forward right to the new ribbon smart website.
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