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Default Re: Yella Ribbon closes down

Originally Posted by Cheerstones View Post
I have to agree with you. I do not know her nor have I ever met her, but there are people in the bow business that have bought her bows as well as bows from others just to take them appart to see how they are made and to replicate them. I am fairly new to the bow making "business", but not to bow making and/or sewing as I have been doing this for decades; cheer bows specifically for over 12 years. I just made it into a business after I got sick and had to closed my store in the mall.
People have asked me to make bows "just like this one" and will offer to but the bow form the person that has it and send it to me so I can copy it and each and every time I have turned them down. I do not need to take a bow apart to see how it was made or what material. Just tell me what you are looking for and I will come up with something on my own that you will be very happy with.
I seems as though she had been taken advantage of by newer bow makers that do not know where to start or even how to tie a bow who will order hers and them copy them. I too would have put out the videos and sell the bow making kits. Actually I think the kits will certainly make more money (profit) than the actual bow(s).
I do wish her the best of luck and she is certainly someone I would have love to meet and work with.
I appreciate these nice words.
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