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Default plz help with satin rolled rosette

I've been trying to find out how to make rolled rosettes like this for a while. I can make the regular rolled flowers and the folded rose, but not like these where they seem more folded. (if that makes any sense)

Today I found 2 tutorials for them, but I feel like some steps are missing (or maybe I'm just missing them, lol) Here are the links. I'll let you know ahead of time that there is an annoying pop up sort of thing, on the blog it eventually went away. The Korean site it didn't but I didn't click on and X or anything either. Here are links to the tuts:

The Korean site I got from the blog, but even looking at both, I'm still not sure which way to fold what. Plus I really want to use fabri-tac glue instead of sewing. (much easier on my hands!)

Any ideas?
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