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Default Good tips for a beginner for embroiding on a a tshirt

Hi I am looking for any and all advice. I have been embroiding for some friends as gifts and they all love what I have been making and their friends their friends friends are enjoying them and wanting to buy them from me. The thing is when I make them for family and friends that not that "awesome" but now that people are wanting to actually spend $$ on them I want to get it right. I have been using Carter onesie and Garanimals shirts and havent had a problem with them (anybody use a different brand and found they work good for them). I prewash all my shirts/oneises and I have also been using tear away and cut away stablizier on the back. I just found out about water soulable stabilizer and ordered and got it in the mail today. (any suggestions on how to use this...I have never used it.). Also any other great tips to help me with this would be really appreciated. Thanks everyone for your time!
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