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Default Re: So I was wondering.....

Originally Posted by traciestrends View Post
That is what I was thinking and I am totally chicken when it comes to doing something like that, on top of being just wrong. I guess my next question is, would it be wrong if I even bought some of the ribbon and made my nieces some bows and not sell them?
It might not be "right", but I would say the chances of trouble are lower. The problem is that the ribbon is most likely not licensed.

If the ribbon is licensed, it is iffy as to whether you can sell products made from it, but you can definately make things for personal use (including gifts). The safest advice is, consult your lawyer, lol. But has some interesting information...

If you are buying ribbon in a store like Hobby Lobby or Walmart, it is likely licensed. Online or in a group buy, chances are good that it isn't.
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