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Default Re: So I was wondering.....

Originally Posted by traciestrends View Post
Being that I am less than 15 miles away from West Monroe, LA. AKA home of Duck Dynasty, is it okay to sale Duck Dynasty hair bows? I was at a local boutique & they were selling Duck Dynasty hair bows.... not to mention they were 4" stacked boutiques selling for $15... yes $15 & the lady said they sale no less than 10 a day. I did a search & found several sites selling the ribbon. Could someone please tell me if this is okay to do? If so, then I am about to put in a order for some ribbon!!!
My gut reaction is that it would be the same as selling Mickey or Dora or any other licensed product. Many people are very successful at it, but it's often not legal. I may not be using the right terminoligy, but the point is still valid, you can't use/copy things that are trademarked/copyrighted unless you have the license/permission to do so. Now, whether or not particular images or designs are copyrighted is a whole 'nother ballgame, but I believe in this case, if you aren't licensed to use it, you are taking a risk.

I did a quick google search and found this. Again, not an expert, but it leads me to believe that some of their images, and likely their logo/name is protected, and you should be licensed. I don't know that they would actually go after people, but that's up to you. Again, just a quick google and gut response, not a legal analysis
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