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Default What Size???

Ladies I'm trying to make a Stacked/Layered Boutique Bow. I made a pinwheel (5" out of 1.5" ribbon), I also made (7) 6" spikes from 7/8" ribbon, (1) 6" spike from 1.5" ribbon, then I made 3.5" & I also made 3" surrounds (3) out of 3/8" ribbon from the BBM Surround Templates but I don't know what size Twisted Boutique Bow to put on topor what size surrounds to use??? (I make my Twisted Boutique Bows using the NBNG TNT Kit), I've made a 3.5" TBB but it to me looks to small for the 3.5" surrounds & to big for the 3" surrounds. Do you make your Surrounds smaller then your top TBB or do you make them the same size as your top TBB or do you make them larger than you top TBB? (Hope this makes sense lol). I'm so lost . As you can see I'm determined to make these bows lol...I don't give up easily lol. Thanks & Hugs R&R
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