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Default Re: Pinwheel Bows Question

Thank you so much Ladies, I made a pinwheel (5" out of 1.5" ribbon) but to me it looks too big for the stacked bow I'm "trying" to make??? I also made 6" spikes from 7/8" ribbon then I made 3" surrounds (3) out of 3/8" ribbon but I don't know what size Twisted Boutique Bow to put on top (I don't have any 5/8" ribbon at all to make any bows) ??? I'm so lost . I bought the BBM kit and BBM Surrounds kit (I can make the Surrounds with the BBM kit ) but I couldn't make a bow out of the BBM so I bought the NBNG kit and I can do all the bows in the book with it so I went back and ordered "all" the NBNG Templates thinking I could make all the bows out of all the templates well boy
was I wrong lol so
now I don't know the ribbon recipes for the other templates that's not in the book so I'm trying to figure them out and I'm about the pull my hair out lol. I love making the bows but getting so flustered at trying to figure the lengths out and what size bows to put on the Stacked/Layered Bows (I don't know if they are called another name or not) that I'm ready to give up. I just feel so lost. I have tons of beautiful ribbon in 2.5"...1.5"...7/8" & 3/8") just setting here and can't figure out how to use it. Grrr. Sorry to rant but I just wish I could figure it out. Thank you each for your reply and hugs
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