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Default Re: Hair Tie Brand?

Originally Posted by KimberlyH View Post
Gee, that seems a little harsh. Everyone starts out somewhere and we all look to more experienced sellers for pointers. Just because the band broke doesn't mean her products are cheap. My daughter has extremely thick hair and we purchase the most expensive ponytail holders for her hair but they just don't last long because they need to stretch too far.

To the original poster: I would let the coach know that you can replace the ponytail holder for a fee but not a refund.
Wow, I agree with you Kim! What's with the hostility. It is a how-to forum. I make bows and sell. If I don't wish to give away a secret I simply don't respond. There is no need to make anyone feel unwelcome for asking a simple question.

My response to the original poster's question is above. Hope I helped! Good Luck!
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