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Default Re: Getting started with Polymer Clay

Originally Posted by 5girls View Post
I thought it was just me when it came to the Sulky brand. I had made cute little animal sculptures for my girls and before I knew it, they were cracking or falling apart.
That is such a bummer to have your hard work literally fall apart on you! I'd give it another try with Fimo or Premo. I bet you'll really like the results. And those are both nice & strong clays. Just make sure they bake all the way through if they are thicker. Sometimes a piece will crumble if the clay in the middle isn't totally cured bcuz the undercured clay will break down the rest of it. You can use tightlly wadded aluminum foil to bulk thicker pieces up too. It cures in less time since the clay isn't so thick, it winds up being lighter, and you use less clay so it keeps the cost down. I wrap the aluminum foil with either white floral tape or masking tape after I've gotten it as tight as I can. (usually pushing it against the table to get it as compressed as possible, then I wrap with tape bcuz the clay sticks to the tape easier. You can also coat the foil with Tacky Glue and let it dry, but that can be a pita , & the tape is so much easier and faster too!)

Good luck with the clay! And keep encouraging your budding artist!!! That is so awesome!

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