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Default Re: Getting started with Polymer Clay

Hopefully you'll be able to bake more of her creations now and keep them! If you buy it by the bigger block, it's definitely cheaper too. The only time I buy individual 2oz packs is if there is a super deal at Hobby Lobby or Joann or Michaels. Like a few months back, Michaels had their clay for 99cents a package. The store I went to didn't carry Fimo (which is my favorite brand) even though it was pictured in the ad. Luckily, the Joanns across the street honored the Michaels ad price for me. So I stocked up on it! Premo is a really nice clay too, although for me, it smells more when I bake it so I tend to just stick with the Fimo as much as possible. It was the other one listed for 99cents in the ad. Maybe keep an eye out for a sale like that too. The clay should keep for a very long time, just keep it out of the sunlight and away from flourescent lights as much as possible. Some of the Effects clays don't come in the larger sizes, so those I'll get in smaller packages too.

I'd stay away from the Sculpey White. I started with that stuff bcuz its the cheapest, but stuff I made with it wound up cracking and it was a huge bummer. Totally not worth the time I put into it. Just my opinion on that. I'm sure there are good uses for it, but, I wasn't happy with the results & most of the people that I know don't care for it much either.

Anyway, it's good to know that some things I learned about clay will help some others. It's a really fun medium to create with!
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