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Default Re: Getting started with Polymer Clay

Glad I could help. It's hard to know about stuff when you first get started.

One other thing that I didn't know at first, if you bake the clay in your home oven, your supposed to clean the oven afterward so that any residue from the clay doesn't wind up in your food. They say it's not anything to worry about if you only bake once in a while. I have a countertop convection oven that I use that is dedicated only to clay, but I tend to bake it alot. One of the ladies I know uses a roast pan with a lid that is dedicated to clay use only & she puts a ceramic tile in the bottom of it and puts the clay on that to bake. Another lady I know clips an aluminum pan upside down over top of another aluminum pan. That way the residue will stay in the pan and not her home oven.
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