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Default Re: Paracord Bracelet Charms?

Originally Posted by Woobie View Post
I have to say... These are my biggest sellers (though I use the rectangle vs oval and ETLite vs a sticker). I've done them for boys and girls with their sports team logos, our professional team logos, names, pictures of their pets, etc. I just completed a large order of bracelets and keychains for a high school fundraiser. Don't discount those teen boys.
Well I guess I will need to re-think that then!! Thanks for letting me know!!! I figured girls would be fine, but wasn't too sure on the boys. Some of them can be so finicky. lol

Originally Posted by frteach View Post
Punch arrived today! I had no idea it would get here this fast.

It is a good fit. The oval it punches is just a smidge smaller than the space. With the sticker on top, you cannot even see a border.

It is the Marvy Urchida 5/8th oval punch. I got mine on Amazon for $6.

Awesome news!! Glad the punch worked!! I'll get an order in on the form. I think I found the punch at Amazon, but the shipping on it was like $5 too. Is that the one you found, or were you able to find one with a better deal on shipping?

Thanks again for getting these!!!
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