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Default Tutu advice please?

I have never made tutus, but I am a lifelong sewer. I am needing to make 2 tutus for my granddaughters to wear for my daughters wedding. One for a 2 yr old that I plan to use a crochet headband for and one for an 8 yr old that I am planning to make as a skirt to be worn with a corset type bodice. I know I have heard talk of knotted and sewn but could someone explain the difference to me? And I have read opinions on tulle that lead me to believe some is better than others. Can I get any reccommendations on the 'good' kind and where I can find it?
Any other tips would be greatly appreciated. I wish I could just buy them but just cant afford it. I know some of you girls make some really beautiful ones.
Please keep your fingers crossed for us. This wedding was supposed to be last Sept, but the grooms father passed away unexpectedly and his funeral was the day the wedding was supposed to be.
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