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Default Re: Paracord Bracelet Charms?

Originally Posted by TieDyesnButterflies View Post
Thanks so much for posting those pics. I was able to click on them and see them bigger (like normal). They really are little, aren't they? Not sure they will pass the older teenage boy test, but I'm thinking maybe of getting some to make for some of the girls. Instead of using paracord, maybe something thinner like satin rattail cord or something along those lines? Still thinking on that.
I have to say... These are my biggest sellers (though I use the rectangle vs oval and ETLite vs a sticker). I've done them for boys and girls with their sports team logos, our professional team logos, names, pictures of their pets, etc. I just completed a large order of bracelets and keychains for a high school fundraiser. Don't discount those teen boys.
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