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Default Re: How to make a customer happy LOL

Originally Posted by showbaby View Post
So I had a special request for a set of hair bows. I made them up after running all over town after work on a cold and rainy night looking for the perfect ribbon and low and behold I found what I needed right in my stash. Anyway I sent them out and the customer loved them until she went to put them in her dd's hair and the barrette clip wouldn't hold. She sends me a very nice email not asking for anything, but because I feel my reputation is important I tell her I will send out another single bow ASAP. I use the last of the matching ribbon I have, make the bow and send it out priority $$. The next morning she sends me a picture of the bow and I see that (my mistake) I used the wrong ribbon color to wrap the center of the second bow!

I email her and explain that when she gets the replacement bow I will have to send out a replacement (for the replacement bow) because "I" put the incorrect ribbon center on the bow. We chuckle a bit and all is well.

I order more of the ribbon that I used the last of on the first replacement bow and as I said in my earlier post I ribbon finally arrives after 11 days and it looks like crap. It is not like any swiss dot I have ever seen. The dots look like they were printed with puff paint.

Now, I am looking for different swiss dot ribbon which so far I can not find, and just to make sure everything matches once and for all, I am just sending her a complete new set. This poor lady will have 5 hair bows total just because of a stupid, POC, defective clip. Of course this is the one set with the rhinestone ribbon slide center that I pay 1.00 each for. The customer is fine, understands completely, but this is a valuable and expensive lesson for me. I will write down the exact recipe or take a picture of every bow I mail out if it is custom.

Happy Friday everyone.
Hate it when you have to learn a lesson like this, I had to go through something similar. Now I take pics of everything I make now and write down all the ribbon type, length and color for each order.
Hope you find your ribbon your looking for
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