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Default Re: How to make a baby hair clips?

I remember seeing somewhere that they used the end of the zipper part of a plastic ziploc bag. Haven't tried it & can't remember where I saw it, sorry.

When my daughter was a baby, I didn't think she would ever grow hair. She had a little thin tuft of hair on top & I used a tiny bow that was on a soft pipe cleaner type thing. (I had originally bought the bow for my dog's topknot, but I was desperate to have her look girly bcuz I already had 2 boys...plz don't judge, lol) Anyway, I didn't make those bows as it was over 20yrs ago, but they worked for me. (And she has the thickest hair ever now too! lol)

Good luck with your bows!! I am sure someone will come up with a great idea to help you!
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