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Default Re: Yella Ribbon Tutorials

Originally Posted by cinnamonsugar View Post
Their bows have always been like that, I don't think their quality has necessarily gone down. I will say their bows are always gorgeous and perfect looking, though the durability may be another question. I think they're realizing more and more people are making their own bows, and catering to that by selling the "bow kits". Though I'm not sure why they're freely giving out their instructions. I thought she would sell a tutorial or something. Surely there must be another motive if she's giving all this information for free. After all, you would think this would take away from her own business as well.
She is actually being a very smart business person. If selling bows directly is decreasing because of increasing competiton, the next best thing to do is "if you can't beat them, join them". meaning, if she is loosing business to smaller bow companies, but her bows are fantastic looking, she opted to fight back by selling to the individuals, teams that can bow a bow, but not necessarily know where to get all the materials from. So basically, she is keeping her business up by catering to the "do it yourselfers". When you think about it, her profit margin is exactly the same for a "bow kit" vs the actual bow.....putting all the materials together and bowing the bow, is very time consuming and it also eliminates loss revenue due to errors/mistakes....which happens with all businesses.
What she is also doing, as many of you have already stated, is taking business back/away from the smaller bow companies which she was loosing business/revenue to.
Sounds very smart to me....I know you all don't like it, but it is business and she is a business woman! got to give her credit for that.
As small business owners, we can only fight back by making superior product and promoting it as such. Also, the bow kit think will die down because, while it may seem easy looking at the tut, we all know it takes practice and trial & error.
Good luck to you all! me included.....
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