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Default Re: how to make - like a twisted bow, but not really...

Originally Posted by LittlePinkSnail View Post

What I want is like a twisted bow, but not as loopy. I have tried it myself, using the figure 8 as well as the NBNG template, but I always get more of a loop than what I want.

I am not able to post links, so I am not sure how to show you a pic of what I want.

If you go to etsy and search for large-black-basic-boutique-bow, you will see one example.

Here is REALLY what I want, just maybe with 1.5" ribbon rather than the 2.25 she used: (also on etsy) extra-large-boutique-hair-bow-twisted

Then this one: large-boutique-hair-bow-baby-girls

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

There are hand folding techniques for Basic & boutique bows on this site.
The instructions are given in several parts. It shows one fold for basic and another for boutique.
Here you go:

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