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Default Re: how to make - like a twisted bow, but not really...

The only problem is that I have tried EVERY size loop of the figure 8 method and it turns out too loopy. I really want to work with the 1.5 ribbon, and it either looks like a loopy twisted, or a long skinny twisted.

The long skinny is closer to what I want because the loops are not as twisted looking, but I don't like the long skinny look. Also my bottom loops look twisted and my top loops look flat. Yuck!

Oh, I also have the Brilliant Bowmaker, plus the NBNG. If anyone has any "recipes" for those.

Is this a twisted? on etsy, enter description: White with Turquoise and Brown Polka Dots Classic Hair Bow
I am kind of only wanting one tail in front, but I don't mind two tails in front!

This one even works for me. It looks more like a pinwheel, but the tails are coming from between the loops rather than at the very top and bottom like a regular pinwheel: on etsy look up: BALLET Seashell Pink Hair Bow Simple Traditional Basic Classic Style Toddler Girl

Sorry to be such a bother. I am not new at hairbow making! My daughter has not left the house without a hairbow or 2 in her hair for 3 years now!! There are just a few I can not master, mainly because I just have not come across an instruction for them.
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