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Smile Re: How to make this design cheer bow???

This is what I do when I make my cheer bows that are
Hard to crease in the center. I use my iron on the center which will make
The material easy to crease. You have to be careful not to burn yourself because the material gets very hot. Also, you have to crease right away before the material cools because once it cools then it gets too stiff to crease again.

For the confetti dot material I was having problems with the sequins coming off on my iron. Now I use parchment paper over the material before I iron and it works like a charm. I buy mine in the grocery store. Don't confuse it with
Wax paper like I did one time. It did not work. Use parchment paper.
Just a few tricks of the trade.
I am enjoying learning more from this forum.
Oh this is another thing I used the parchment paper for. I took my iPad and found a strike bow design that I liked and enlarged it with my fingers on the screen then I carefully layed my parchment paper over the design and traced it being very careful not to make the image larger or smaller. I then put a piece of cardboard over the design on my parchment paper and traced it then cut it out.
I did several different sizes for my strike patterns. Worked like a charm.
I make cheer bows for our local Patriots Cheer Team. It's a lot of fun.
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