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Default Re: how to make - like a twisted bow, but not really...

Originally Posted by LittlePinkSnail View Post
Do you mean fat 8? And how do you get a tail in front?

I've tried the fat 8 and I guess I am not doing it right. The bow just doesn't have much shape using a fat 8. If you mean FLAT 8, can you elaborate?
I am probably going to fail at trying to explain this, but I'll try. When doing a twisted, you end up with parallel (horizontal) ribbon at the back, and an "x" in the front. Instead of a tall skinny x ribbon (or a fat 8), like in a normal twisted boutique, make it flatter. The x would be shorter/wider, or a flatter 8 (or if you turned it sideways, a tall skinny 8).

Sorry if this doesn't make sense...
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