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Default Help!!! What am I doing wrong?

I have had problems with lining metal headbands. I want to have a velvet ribbon on the inside as this is the only way it will stay in my daughter's hair.
First I tried it with double sided tape but with not much success. It looked nice but in a couple of hours the tape did not hold the ribbon on the headband any longer. Then I tried E6000 which seemed to be OK, but I had to put clips on the headband so that the ribbon won't move until it gets dry. On velvet there were visible marks made by the clips and also on lighter coloured ribbons you could see the glue. I tried hot glue, but it is so messy. Then I decided to give up.
I was searching and searching and I heard so many good things about the dst from Punch place plus. So I decided to give it one more try. I ordered one roll. As shipping was international it cost a fortune compared to a roll of double sided tape, but who cares when being in the gateway of solving this problem? The width of the tape made lining the headband really comfortable. I made one yesterday. And today I saw that there were short sections where the tape did not hold the ribbon on the headband.
What am I doing wrong? I don't believe there is no solution. Or am I being a perfectionist expecting wonders? Or maybe I should get back to hot glue and accept that dst is not my friend?
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