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Default Re: cutting foe for adults

Originally Posted by Mytaleswithtwo View Post
I just wanted to share something that worked for me! I'm just starting out with FOE and in seaching I'd found this post about fusing ends by heat sealing. It looked like it could be painful with that hot elastic!

What worked for me, was holding the ends together, with a pair of jewelry pliers like these:

I left about 1/4 inch beyond the pliers, ran the lighter along the edge, then quickly pulled the melted edge between the jaws of the pliers and squeezed hard! It seemed to work perfectly to get an even fuse!

Sorry if this had been posted elsewhere, but it was new to me!
It is new to me as well. I have tried to melt them together with lighter but with not much success. I usually sew them together by hand. But I think that if somehow heat sealing worked for me this would be that method.
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