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Default Re: Tutu tulle help!

The second I read your post, I knew you ordered it from Gifts International

Their tulle is gift-wrap/craft-grade from China. It is NOT meant for apparel, no matter how much people try to tell you otherwise. That's the reason it's so cheap... and a huge reason that a lot of consumers are getting frustrated with the tutu/costume industry right now.

Craft tulle is inconsistent - it can be super limp, or extra stiff. It has larger holes, which makes it scratchy. It is not guaranteed to be flame retardant, as the chemicals they use in the finishing process are known to be flammable (and depending on how much they use, explosively flammable!).

There area number of places that sell apparel-grade tulle. Generally it is made here in North America, as we have a couple of the last remaining apparel-grade tulle mills left. You pay a little more for it, and if you are making tutus for customers, use that to your advantage and CHARGE a little more for the tutu -- it will last them longer and they will enjoy it more -- so it is well worth the extra to them.

If your tutus are limp, or they get mangled and crinkled just minutes after wearing, or they are really itchy... likely it was made with Chinese tulle
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