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Default Re: How much should I charge for this OTT bow

online is a hard market to be in...because theres so many different styles of bows and everyone is competing with one another! My Ott Bows I sell online run about 12-15 depending what they are, I also make a really big batch of them all at one time (it seems to cut down on time to make them when i do it this way) When Im vending an event or Craft Show, My prices jump quite a bit to 16-20 for bows, and they will pay it at the shows to! Its a very pretty bow, but if you are not able to make the money that you are wanting off it it, maybe just dont make it and if 12.00 covers half of the cost of the supplies to make it I would consider finding different suppliers for ribbon, and embellishments, maybe even getting in on group buys for cheaper supplies would be a option?

JMO Hope it helps!
<3 Danie
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