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Default Re: Uh-oh, feeling a lil discouraged using Mod Podge. Any Tips?

Originally Posted by MissTopNotch View Post
hi, i did a different test: day 1 i sprayed 4 coats of acrylic sealer on the images printed onto kodak photo paper and let dry as recommended. and then the next day i did 3 coats of mod podge on front a back of each image. and then the 3rd day i glued them down to my caps and then the 4th day i poured my resin. half the batch had the "dark ring" around the images but the center was not affected. which kinda got me heated wasting half the caps and all the time i put into them
so, now im thinking i should just get them printed from a laser jet and to invest in a sticker maker. just not sure which sticker maker to get.
its a learning experience but ultimately i just want to get my images water proof so thats why i want to use resin.
I have done some other images and they had run on me too. I wonder if I put too much Mod podge on it. So I decided to get them printed at walgreens and I am very happy with my images. They don't smear and look great. The only thing with that is that they would not let me print one of my Justin Bieber bottlecaps because I didn't have a copy release since it was him. Apparently just because you find a pic on the internet doesnt allow to print. Oops. Good luck!
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