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Default Re: NEW TUTORIAL Monogrammed Streamer...FINALLY!!!

Originally Posted by jhall52 View Post
Thanks! You, too, Pat. Sure miss the old crowd!

Ohh yeah me too itīs really hard to keep up with all the Fb groups and it is not soo cozy as it used to be here. Anyway way we now know we both still here so anything just pm although since I began embroidering not as much as I used to but I always come and check...merry Christmas and hope you enjoy the tut (just sent it) We will be traveling from Dec 20th to Jan 10th but I check my email each night so if you have any questions email me....I will open the next GB for fabric covered button at the end of Jan.

Originally Posted by showbaby View Post
I would like the tut please.

[email protected]

invoice sent
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