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Default Re: Barefoot Sandals??

Originally Posted by Dividingjenn View Post
Thank You for the links!! Maybe I should just ask customers to provide measurements... although I would love to bring some to craft shows... I'm sure if I do enough searching I can figure something out.

I know it!! I am having a boy too, and everyone that I know right now is also. I told my dh that I was still going to put bows on his head for modeling pics when he was a baby because no one would probably know the difference... He wasn't to fond of that idea though!!
I am starting a barefoot sandal line for baby boys, just because there are so many cute things for baby girls!

One thing to keep in mind if you are making infant sandals, it's important to keep the proportion right. I bought a few pairs for my grand daughter and one set used 3" flowers which just looked silly on her 2" feet!
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