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Default I am wearing my angry eyes!

I purchased some 3/8" rhinestone ribbon sliders from a company which specifically states they have a 10mm center bar. The price was ok and I swallowed the 10.00 flat rate shipping just to establish a place that would be my "go to" place when I needed the sliders without scouring Etsy all the time. The order was for 6 dozen and when they arrived the center bar was a little over 12mm so they will not hold the ribbon without the bar showing and the ribbon sliding around all over the place I had emailed "Kevin" and ask very specific questions about his product before I ordered and he gave me all the answers I was looking for.

Here's where I screwed up
The store didn't have any return policy information but I bought them anyway because I have a big show coming up and I needed them. And, "Kevin was super nice in his emails" but now "Kevin" suddenly has become A.K.A some name I can't begin to pronounce and they have an "all sales final" policy. Honestly I think I am more angry about losing a source then receiving the bad product. Anyway I just emailed him and sent pictures of the sliders and left the ball in his court since I am at his mercy. I will either come back on here later and give a happy update OR I will name this company and send a claim through PayPal with proof the sliders were NOT as advertised. I am soooooooo crabby today!

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